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Ellery Beach House

Relax & Release: Myofascial Yoga Bliss Weekend at Ellery Beach House

Saturday-Sunday Ellery Beach House; Stockholm October 12-13, 2024 🏖️ Join us at Ellery Beach House for a magical weekend exploring stretch & flexibility through the science of fascia, breathwork, and meditation. Enjoy two days of full spa access, deluxe double room, and three delicious meals. 🌟

Relax & Release: Myofascial Yoga Bliss Weekend at Ellery Beach House
Relax & Release: Myofascial Yoga Bliss Weekend at Ellery Beach House

Time & Location

12 okt. 2024 08:30 CEST – 13 okt. 2024 11:00 CEST

Ellery Beach House, Elfviks udde, 181 90 Lidingö, Sweden

About the event

Join Diana for a 2- day & 1-night Yoga Immersive Weekend in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ellery Beach House

October 12-13, 2024

🌟✨ Join us for a magical weekend at Ellery Beach House, where we'll explore stretch, flexibility, and the fascinating science of your fascia! 🧘‍♀️ Immerse yourself in breathwork and meditation against the stunning backdrop of Stockholm's most exclusive beach house. 🏖️

🛁 Indulge in two days of full spa access, luxuriate in a beautiful and spacious deluxe double room for two, and savor three delicious meals throughout your stay. 🍽️

🐦 Early bird pricing is limited, so secure your spot first and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and inner discovery! 🌊 Don't miss out on this transformative experience at Ellery Beach House! 🌅

What is a Yoga Immersive Weekend?

Immerse yourself in 6 hours of yoga focused on stretch and flexibility, incorporating the properties of the fascia in your body. Dive into self-massage, breathwork, and meditation across three modules: MIS Yoga (Myofascial Integrated Stretch Yoga), Flexibility, and Fascial Release with Breathwork and Meditation. Classes are offered on the schedule and are optional, allowing you to tailor your experience. This immersive weekend is designed for deepening your yoga practice while indulging in a luxury spa getaway, with plenty of time for poolside relaxation and sauna sessions between activities.

Who is this retreat for?

Embrace the opportunity to join our Immersive Weekend, where yoga enthusiasts of all levels are not only invited but celebrated! Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey, you can partake in daily meditation, breathwork, and expert guidance in mastering flexibility and deepening your stretch. We welcome those who may feel stiff and hope to open your body to enjoy stretching on a whole new level.

This training is limited to 20 participants to ensure personal one-on-one development.

What kind of Yoga are we doing?

2 hour Master MIS  (Myofascial Integrated Stretch)

This workshop focus on stimulating and building fascial properties (elasticity, plasticity, glide), strength, and mobility through highly specific poses and movements to create a balance of tension and compression between antagonistic lines and self-balancing lines.

2 hour Fascial Release with Athletic Breathwork and Anapanasati Meditation

Massage is essential for maintaining supple fascia and relieving tension in the body. Find harmony in releasing your fascia through self-massage and targeting trigger points. Explore athletic breathwork to optimize performance and reduce stress. Wind down with Anapanasati meditation, a centuries-old practice from Asia, and discover stillness within your thoughts.

2 hour Flexibility

Create space in your body by mastering proper techniques to expand your range in backbends, splits, and more. Recognize that strength in your end range not only deepens your practice but also prevents injuries. Whether you're super flexible or stiff as a board, these techniques are applicable to all body types, shapes, and forms.

What does the weekend look like?

Suggested Schedule:


8:30 Registration - Welcome Juice

9:00 MIS Yoga

12:00 Lunch

16:00 Check into rooms

16:30 Fascial Release with Breathwork & Meditation

19:00 Dinner

*Pool & Spa access for the full day.


7:30 Flexibility

9:30 Breakfast

11:00 Check out

Leave when you are done with your spa experience

*Pool & Spa access for the full day.

**Please note that times and schedules may be subject to change as we approach the event date.

What is there to do in my free time?

At an extra cost, you can enjoy the hotel's full spa with treatments, an indoor pool, heated outdoor pool, paddle courts, walk outdoor, indoor gym, 2 restuarants, 4 bars, and lounges. 

Who's the teacher?

Meet Diana Bjälvenäs, a native New Yorker and a highly experienced & dedicated yoga teacher with a 900 E-RYT certification. She has been teaching for over 8 years and has over 8000 hours of teaching experience. As the proud owner of Updog Bodies studio, she brings a wealth of knowledge gained through 10 years of personal practice and extensive training under renowned yogis such as Dylan Werner, Briohny Smyth, Dice Ilda-Klien, and Tiffany Cruikshank. Diana's expertise extends beyond traditional yoga, as she's also trained in AcroYoga & partner acrobatics by Daniel Scott and Lux Seattle.

Diana's teaching approach is distinctive, emphasizing yoga integration and sequencing with a focus on the Myofascial meridians. In her classes, each pose is thoughtfully placed within a sequence, offering you not only the physical benefits of yoga but also a path to finding balance in your body's resting tension. Join Diana on a transformative journey through yoga that goes beyond the mat, exploring the depths of mind, body, and soul.

What is Included?

  • 1 Deluxe shared double room for 2 people
  • 2 days of full access to the Pool & Spa facilities
  • 6 hours of MIS Yoga, Flexibility, Fascial Release, Breathwork, and Meditation sessions
  • 3 Meals provided, along with a refreshing welcome juice

All yoga sessions are not mandatory, but it is included in the package. 


Double Room De Luxe for Two People (The room reserved for a single person)

Stay in a beautiful crème de la crème, De Luxe Double room for 2. It is 20 square meters big with a view over the pool, nature or padel court. The room is in the newly built annex next to the Ellery Main Beach House, and yet feels secluded. 4 of the rooms are accessible for those who are handicapped. Please note these rooms are for max 2 adults.


  • Air conditioning
  • Closet
  • Steamer
  • Free toilettries
  • Hair Dryer
  • Shower
  • WC
  • TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Chromecast


  • Size: 21 square meters
  • People: max 2
  • King size bed
  • Additional pricing for a single room

How to book?

To book, you and your friend/partner should reserve the same numbered room in our booking system, selecting either the Early Bird or Standard Deluxe Double room pricing. If you're booking alone, you can reserve the entire room at the Single Deluxe Double room rate. 

If you're open to sharing a Deluxe room with another guest, please email, and we'll assign a roommate for you to split the cost. Kindly honor this request before securing your spot to ensure efficient rooming options for guests arriving in pairs.


Early bird Shared Delux double room:

5500 SEK 

Offer valid until July 31, 2024 or while availability lasts.

Only 10 spots

Standard Shared Delux double room:

5900 SEK

Offer valid while availability lasts or September 8, 2024

Single Delux double room:

7500 SEK

Offer valid until July 31, 2024

(Email for booking information)

Max 20 participants

Payment in full by card or invoice.

If you would like to pay by Bankgiro/invoice, please email

Bankgiro: 5273-2427

14 days Full Refund from purchase date.

1500 SEK is Non-refundable 15 days after the purchase date.

Partial refund (minus the 1500 SEK) is available until September 1, 2024.

No refunds after September 1, 2024.

Your spot is not secured until your payment is paid in full. 

Not included:


Spa treatments

Travel & booking insurance

What to bring:

Yoga mat

Water Bottle


Email for inquiries.

More detailed information will be sent in the welcome email closer to the event date.


  • Early Bird- Yoga Shared Delux

    Sale ends: 31 juli 23:59 CEST

    Early Bird Shared Delux double room plus Yoga Immersive Weekend: 5500 SEK Friends/partners: Book the same room number with your roommate. 1500 SEK is a non-refundable deposit Only 10 spots available Offer valid while availability lasts or July 31, 2024

    5 500,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included

    On Sale

  • Standard - Yoga Shared Delux

    Sale ends: 08 sep. 23:59 CEST

    Standard Shared Delux double room plus Yoga Immersive Weekend: 5900 SEK Friends/partners: Book the same room number with your roommate. 1500 SEK is a non-refundable deposit Offer valid while availability lasts or September 11, 2024

    5 900,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included

    On Sale

  • Yoga Single Delux

    Sale ends: 31 juli 23:59 CEST

    Single Delux double room plus Yoga Immersive Weekend: 7500 SEK 1500 SEK is a non-refundable deposit Offer valid until July 31, 2023 Single room Offer valid upon availability

    7 500,00 kr
    Tax: Moms included

    On Sale

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