Online classes & Studio Classes available!

Online classes & Studio Classes available!


We will test Live streaming of Angelica’s Vinyasa Flow 17:00-18:00 tonight.

Sign up as usual on Momoyoga your attendance with your membership of choice. 10 mins before the class, we will email the youtube live stream link to those who have booked.

Enjoy following our class at home. All you need is a computer, ipad, smartphone, or the similar to watch youtube live on.

If you are still planning to come to the studio for class, WELCOME! We will be live streaming, but only the teacher will be visible online.

Once the class is over, the live stream will end.

The following week we will offer this option for those who do not want to be in public spaces but still would like an opportunity to participate in our studio classes. You are always welcomed to come to the studio to practice as we are trying to stay open. Please do not attend if you are not 100% healthy or in suspect of any signs of a flu/corona as they are very similar in the beginning.

Here is the BETA version of UB online! Feedback and a test run would be greatly appreciated!


Diana Bjälvenäs

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