Updog Bodies’ view about the Corona virus.

Updog Bodies’ view about the Corona virus.

Updog Bodies’ view about the Corona virus.

At the moment we are still open with regular classes, courses and workshops. We promote good hygiene practice. We have hand sanitizers, a place to wash your hands in the studio, one time use towels for your hands and mats. We also expect students to wipe down the UB mats.

As an extra precaution, you can bring your own mats. We will also sell our mats with a 30% discount for those who do not own a mat at home.

If the situation gets worse, we will let you know as soon as we can, and will then follow recommended guidelines to possibly shut down (if absolutely needed). As said, we are a local studio with mostly locals attending the classes, so hopefully we will be automatically contained in that respect. We will start plan B which will be streaming classes online so you can still have your yoga practice while in confinement.

This is our Plan of Action in the upcoming weeks. Any feedback to the online class plan is greatly appreciated. We are looking to creating the easiest solution, and the right online platform until then. Any advice would be appreciated.

Namaste Yogis!

Diana Bjälvenäs

Studio Owner

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