Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Come join me for a Hatha and Yoga Nidra session the 2nd of November. Yoga Nidra is a complete and conscious body relaxation also known as yogic sleep. We will start with 15-20 min of Hatha yoga to loosen up any tension in the body. The Hatha yoga I teach is slow with controlled movements always connected to the breath. Afterwards I will guide you through a 40 min deep, mindfull relaxation through the entire body. Everyone can join, even if you have never done yoga before. This is my all time favourite thing to teach!

I love yoga Nidra simply because it is so simple, yet has profound effects on the body and mind. There is no pressure to be anyone or do anything in Yoga Nidra. You can just lie down in shavasa and settle into your body. I guarantee that you will leave feeling more relaxed. After about an hour I invite you to stay and share the space, maybe over a cup of tea and some fika or just to enjoy the beautiful view that this studio has to offer. I hope you join me on the 2nd!! Let’s create some magic!

Time: 2nd November between 16.00-17.30
Location: Updog Bodies Studios, Kvarnholmen Nacka
Price: 100sek. Swish 100sek to Stephanie Källberg 0733098257 and write your NAME and NIDRA

Class will be held in english.

Lots of love,

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